A Basic Guide To Wifi Cameras

Curious as to what a wifi camera is and what it does? It's not too hard to figure out. As you might guess from the name, a wifi camera is one that has the capability to connect directly to a wireless network without requiring cables. This is a very convenient feature for a lot of users, but for some individuals - those who want their pictures stored and shared with other devices as soon as they take them - wifi cameras are positively vital.

Wifi cameras make it trivially easy to share your pictures with virtually anyone on the network. These cameras don't need cables, USB ports, or memory cards since the design doesn't call for on-board storage. This makes wifi cameras extremely compact and light, much more so than devices designed for self-contained operation.

If you're looking for another device which operates on the same principles, consider a wifi speaker. It stores no music itself, instead receiving it through a network or bluetooth link. Wifi cameras use the same principle, except they use their wireless connection to send data instead of receiving it.

Obviously, wifi cameras are only usable when they fall under the umbrella of a home or office wireless network or a wifi hotspot. This doesn't necessarily limit them to home use, though; many wifi cameras include contractual arrangements with national hotspot services like T-Mobile.

Wifi cameras are really a remarkable refinement of both digital camera technology and wireless networking. They're fun and easy to use, and they deliver exceptional picture quality. This is an important distinction that puts them over their nearest competitor, the omnipresent smartphone.

Think how great it would be to share photos instantly and be able to send stunning pro-quality photos instead of the often-dubious snapshots captured by a phone camera. Wifi cameras also score over mobile phones when it comes to storage; even the most capable phone has a limit to the number of pictures it can store. The wifi camera literally has no storage limit. The wifi cameras at the higher end of the current marketplace even capture HD video as well as till images.

At the current time, the only serious downside to wifi cameras is - of course - their utter reliance on a wireless network. Your fun, easy, trouble-free camera turns into an expensive paperweight when you take it outside of wifi coverage. Of course, given how important Internet access and wireless access are in modern society, this is becoming less and less of an issue over time.